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i don't use this anymore.


The name is Trisha, Dani P to some, Life Partner to others, TrishaBaby to Tari. The age is 40-20+3-6+2-3. The place is known for being "forlovers" but it's so the opposite and everyonehatesyou Hawthorne Heights. The fact is that the coolest chick coolndarklyeeri made my layout. The loves are A7X, Motley Crue, Matt's navel, Zacky's eyes, and April's writing. The hates include Fall Out Boy, Panic!At The Disco, Pete Wentz, and anythingandeverything Pete Wentz-related, and homophobic baby-killers. The attitude is fuckingyouUP if you bitch me out for hating your precious Scene Queen, Pete Wentz. Suck it up, bitches, he's not great in any way. [[Let him cut deeper and die.]] The religion is Christianity. [[I found Christ. Johnny Christ. I still hope to find him in my bed.]] Also children. You don't have to add me and I don't have to add you so you can read my writing. Jesus Christ, I post on communities so don't befriend me and say "I want to read more of your stuff!" Cuz, I reiterate, I don't have to be on your list or vice-versa for you to read my stuff.

A7X;; Action!Action!;; Armor For Sleep;; Alexisonfire;; Anthrax;; A.F.I.;; Atreyu;; Bayside;; The Bloodhound Gang;; Bon Jovi;; Bright Eyes;; C.K.Y.;; Dead Poetic;; Eighteen Visions;; Evanescence;; FEILED;; Flyleaf;; From Autumn to Ashes;; From First to Last;; Funeral for a Friend;; Guns 'N Roses;; Hello, Goodbye;; H.I.M.;; JamisonParker;; Lacuna Coil;; Letterkills ;; Loudermilk;; Lynard Skynard;; Matchbook Romance;; MEST;; MotionCitySoundtrack;; Motley Crue;; My Chemical Romance;; Nightwish;; NIRVANA;; Papa Roach;; Pencey Prep;; Reggie And The Full Effect;; Seether;; Senses Fail;; ShowBread;; Silverstein;; Slayer;; Spitalfield;; Stone Temple Pilots;; Story of the Year;; Taking Back Sunday;; The 69 Eyes;; The Beatles;; The BluePrint Scene;; The Bravery;; The Casualties;; The Clash;; The Cure;; The Goo Goo Dolls;; The Misfits;; The Ramones;; The Sex Pistols;; The Spill Canvas;; The Starting Line;; The Used ;; The Winners Circle;; Thrice;; Trivium;; Thursday;; Underoath;; Yellowcard;;


My community. Please join. :)

April Loves Me.
And I Love Her.
And We Love Jimmy Pop.
And We Love Bambo's Lambo.

April... Can I Kiss You?

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